Steph's tools to help modding Civilization III


You can download here for free the tools I have developped to help modding Civilization III. However, you can use them only for non commercial project or scenarios related to Civilization III.

All the source code is original and has been made by me alone, and I retain the rights to all these softwares.

SBB : Steph's Storyboard Builder The good old version of my tool, to create storyboards from individual frames.
SBB 2: SBB "special Sandris" New version, to generate many storyboards quickly
CEC : Civilopedia Editor for Civilization III A tool to help edit and add civilipedia entries.
 Steph's Expanded Editor for Civilization III NEW A new editor for civilization III, with many new features. Still under development, but you can already use it!

Once again, all these tools are free to download and use.

However, if you like them and want to support me, you can make a donation via PayPal.

It can help to pay for the licences of Visual Studio Express (which are free ;o) ), but more importantly, it's nice to feel appreciated, and it can help me convince my wife that I'm not completly wasting my time doing these tools !